Puja Guha


I’m starting to post occasional reviews for books that I’m reading. My plan is to post one review every other Wednesday. The reviews I’ve done so far are below. 


01. Review of A Danger to Himself and Others by J.E. Fishman amzn.to/1xdykq6

I breezed through this book in a few days when I found myself glued to the page to find out what would happen next after the first two supposedly suicide bombings took place. Fishman does a great job of creating an authentic atmosphere for the reader. You are drawn into the NYC Bomb Squad and the story gives you a real feel for the tense atmosphere in the city. What’s interesting as well is the level of character development in the book. Fishman paints a picture of the intelligent driven hero who is also psychologically on edge. The most interesting character in my view though is the villain and the slow unraveling as the reader begins to understand why he is pursuing such a twisted vendetta. Great read and definitely a page turner.

02. Review of Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming amzn.to/ZOXqkt

I didn't get the same feel from this book as I did from Casino Royale which I thought was brilliant. There were moments when it was truly gripping, but others when it was offensive and easy to put down. Most of the time when I read suspense books I find myself glued to the page, but this book was rather disappointing. I still enjoyed it but it wasn't my favorite Bond story.

03. Review of Children of Paranoia by Trevor Shane amzn.to/1xdyTAh

I'm not normally a fan of apocalyptic fiction, but I loved this book. From the minute that I started it, I didn't want to put the book down. The author Trevor Shane weaves a really interesting writing style in with a very unique plot that had me at the edge of my seat. As soon as I finished the book, I picked up number two in the series!

04. Review of Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann amzn.to/1rh3YiU

This book is dense and not the fastest read in the world, but it is worth getting through. With his portrayal of the lead character, Mann makes such a great commentary on human nature. It isn't always pretty, but it's real and honest. I reread some of his passages over and over again because I couldn't get enough of them. Looking forward to reading more of his books.

05. Review of Communion by B Patterson amzn.to/1tY4Xt9

I'm not normally a huge reader of vampire books, but I gave this book a try and am glad that I did. Patterson presents a different take on the genre with a cast of interesting teenagers. I really enjoyed the unexpected twists and the ending was completely unpredictable. The dialogue was tight and snappy and hopefully we can see more from these characters. I would definitely recommend this book.

06. Review of I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes amzn.to/1tgAbae

There were so many stories crammed into this book, but I enjoyed them all. I stayed up late breezing through the pages, especially as I got closer and closer to the end. I loved the back story of the villain and the political threads that bring the story together.

The character development of the main character is well done although a little bit dense for my tastes. Still it's a great read and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more by Terry Hayes.